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Publish or Perish by Kerry Blaisdell

It was a case of who done it and boy was I surprised with many events that took place in this book. It kept me guessing. Blaisdell did an excellent job in delivering the element of surprise. I continued to wonder what was going to happen next. Okay, let's get into it.

Vin Bronislovas was a detective who moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon with his Uncle Aziz. He took his job very seriously, but got involved in a sticky situation in Chicago by falling in love with a suspect. That's what lead to his new home. With his reputation on the line, he couldn't afford any missteps complications. But, of course, that would be too easy. Enter Emma O'Manny...

Emma's husband left her for another woman. She was so angry that she vandalized his office. However, she was caught in the act by Dectective Bronislovas. And that's where it all began. Unfortunately, within those same moments, she learned that while her husband was vacationing with his mistress, he died in a plane crash. Was fowl play involved? And, if there was, who caused it? I won't give it away, but wow!

After that one night of meeting Emma in her husbands office, he couldn't get her off of his mind. One thought lead to the next. And he was a blubbering mess whenever she was around. If only he could get his thoughts under control. He continuously bumped into her throughout the story, then one day something major happened that connected them and brought them closer together. As Vin's feelings continued to grow, so did his suspicions about Emma. He refused to be in the same predicament, falling for a suspect. So, he had no other choice but to fight his feelings. At least that was his conclusion.

Things began to unravel, and Emma and her family could be in danger. However, she was still a suspect. Would Vin be able to protect her and accuse her?

Although their situation was complicated and the main focus, there were a couple of side character's who were extremely interesting--Karen and Parker. Karen was Emma's best friend. She had a lot of growing to do as a person, especially with her self-worth and men.

Parker, Parker, Parker. I loved his description. He was sexy and smart. From his interactions with Vin and Karen, some would say he was forthright, but was he?

Although I enjoyed these characters, Vin's on again, off again attitude with Emma was very annoying. In some instances, he reminded me of a bratty child. I understand he had a job to do, but there were other ways to deal with his situation.

Even though this story is a awesome read, I did find an issue. Since it had more than two POV's, sometimes it was difficult to decipher who was narrating or who was speaking in the dialogue.

Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this book! It will keep you guessing. If you love romance and suspense go out and get Publish or Perish. You won't regret it!

Four Stars.

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