Webster Grove Series by Tracie Puckett-4.5 Stars

January 19, 2016


New Girl by Tracie Puckett - 4.5 Stars

Here is another great book that I found on Awesomegang.com, “The New Girl” by Tracie Puckett. Steph is a smart introvert who moves from city to city with her mom. If she had it her way she would stay put in one place. While in class at Webster Grove High school , she meets Bridget and they become  fast friends. Steph also finds herself attracted to her insanely gorgeous teacher, Mr. Rivera. When he catches her ogling, Stephs quick response saves her from embarrassment. However, when her mom’s boyfriend pops the question and she accepts, Steph finds out her teacher is going to be more than someone who gives her an education. 


This author’s voice is magnificent. This is part one of the series. I’m looking forward to delving into the rest. I gave this book 4.5 star. So what did you think about this story?

Webster Grove Series by Tracie Puckett - 4.5 stars



Keeping Secrets


There was a date in one chapter that threw me off, it is was suppose to be January instead of December.


I didn't like how Steph kept interrupting Alex when he tried to explain what happened. I dislike when charaters do this. It hinders the progression of the situation. However, I understad why it is done. And, wow, that ending... I suspected Isaac to be an undercover cop or... Overall, I enjoyed the story. Another great read. 



Coming out

Wow! I had my suspiciouns about Nate as I read, but I wasn't sure. I loved Steph's selflessness for her friends and family. She truly loved them--unlike her mom. I wondered what was going to happen next. 



All Goood Things

Awww... that was sweet story. It was an easy and fast read.--nothing too intense. I enjoyed reading about Steph and Alex's love. It was strong and amazing despite people and time apart I couldn't read it fast enough. A sweet must read. I have to highlight a few outstanding moments. Let me know what stood out to you. 















  • When Alex responded to Steph's poem

  • Finding out about Alex's grandmother

  • Nate's confession

  • Steph's expression to Alex through tears on his front porch


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