Rewind: A New Adult Novella by Susan Ward 4.0 Stars

March 30, 2016

I have found another wonderful book to read. It is called “Rewind: A New Adult Novella” by Susan Ward. The book starts off with her describing how Kaley, the heroine, lost the perfect guy, Bobby Rowan.  Two years later and she still dwells on it. She starts a blog with a quirky name for guys. Kaley also has a great career. Despite it all, she never stops missing her one true love. Along the way in this story, you learn that she has some issues with her dad that need to be resolved. Then enters Bobby. Kaley describes him and you know she is exhilarated.


“I decide to wait, play it cool, and just drink in the details of him.”


What an unforgettable line. As they continue to talk, she notices a positive change in Bobby. Although, she doesn’t want to seem alarmed with anticipation, her feelings are very apparent.


“The feel of him runs through my body with remembered sweetness.”


Very apparent feelings. The lines and the authors voice are very strong throughout the book. Bobby’s response displays a perfect depiction to Kaley’s trust issues.  This relationship has ups and downs, which gives it the realistic feel that many of us readers long for in a story.


If you are looking for a short yet sweet story to delve into, pick this one up today.


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