The Professor's Secret by Robyn Rychards - 4.0 Stars

March 24, 2016


“The Professor’s Secret" is a short love story that intensifies over time. Although it’s a fast read, it keeps you interested from beginning to end. I am very intrigued by forbidden romance books and this is one of them.


The professor is smitten by a student. Even though she does not attend any of his classes, he is not allowed to be with her until she graduates. Dani, the heroine, had just experienced a terrible loss. She was trying to cope when the professor noticed her and ask to assist her. They realized a connection, especially since it had been brewing for 4 years. Now that she is about to graduate they may have a shot. But she falls asleep in his office and she is still a student. They were caught by a staff member. That could be a problem.


Despite the risk, the professor has a true dilemma and he was at war with his feelings.


“Why did she have to be the one to imbed herself in his heart and nothing he did could get her out?”


What an amazing line. I felt for the professor as he battled his feelings.


This book was a great find and amazing read.






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